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I'm engaged! When do I meet with my florist?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

You said YES!! Now the whirlwind of planning all the big stuff as well as picking out every single (sometimes nagging) little detail can begin! Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, so try and not let yourself get overwhelmed and take time to truly enjoy the whole planning process with those closest to you.

As for your floral consultation, it's important more than anything to just simply...decide. Decide on the colors & blooms you truly love, decide on the things you KNOW you do not like and would prefer to not see on your wedding day, decide on what's most fitting for your venue, and most of all decide on what florals are the best depiction of your personal taste and style. It is super easy to throw yourself into Pinterest daily and over the course of 2 weeks change your entire color scheme and styles for the wedding about 5 different times. Simply knowing who you are-what you like- and making decisions about what you want for your florals help you to be more confident & follow through with the plans to achieve the look you are wanting on your big day. Ultimately, this also reduces your stress level tremendously!

Another important thing to know before scheduling your appointment for wedding florals is your floral budget. I say this all the time and it could not be truer: 'Going into the wedding floral planning process with expectations of floral wants without an actual floral budget in place is like going out with a Realtor and looking for homes that are $200,000 when you can actually only afford to mortgage $100,000.' If you know going into the consultation what you can afford to spend on florals and relay that information to your florist, then you are less likely to get the dreaded 'sticker shock' when the list of all your dream wants turns out to not be compatible with your real life budget. Letting your florist know your budget up front can truly open the communication and even allow for creative alternatives (if necessary) when perhaps the original 'wants' exceed the budget available. Sometimes a brides budget is more than what's necessary for her wish list, which means saving money & allowing for her to do more elsewhere!

Apart from confidence in your choices, and floral budget it's also good to know your color scheme (even if it's just white & green!), including your wedding party dress attire color as well as how many table centerpieces you will need at the reception. The wedding party attire color plays a big roll in floral colors selected; especially for the bouquet & bouts. The guests table centerpiece count can truly be a budget buster quickly if you initially think you will only need 10 centerpieces and you end up actually needing 25. You can probably see where multiplying 25 times ANY amount can really add up quickly. That being said, it's a good rule of thumb to know how many (if any) guests tables will need florals before sitting down with your wedding florist.

Communication is HUGE in meeting with your wedding florist. Most importantly, be yourself and never be afraid to express any concerns or questions that you have. With every wedding we do, we strive to make the florals a beautiful representation of the couple themselves and in order to do that, communication is everything. We meet one on one with every bride to go over her specific tastes in order to best make her special day just exactly what she imagined.

photo by Michelle Taulbee Photography

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